Performing with Ruido, Image by Andrew Marley

Fresh out of dance school in 1968, Aviva was the resident Flamenco dancer at Rafael's Spanish Restaurant (Melbourne). In 1970 she turned 18 while entertaining the troops in Vietnam, then Thailand and Singapore.
This launched her international career spanning over five decades.

In recent years, Aviva has learned the art and science of being an older woman. Learning to adapt her life and performances to accommodate her acquired disabilities has enriched her life. She is become a far greater performer because of not in spite of her disabilities and maturity.

In addition to performance, Aviva developed methods of working with menstruation, birthing and trauma using breathing, vocal and movement techniques. She coined the term 'Vocal Dance' in Amsterdam, 1977.

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For Women

Embracing Life Changes

Aviva incorporates life experience and simple methods using movement, breathing and voice. She assists women improve their lives from Menarche to Post-Menopause.

Vocal Dance

Treating Bodies with Respect

Body awareness, anatomy and basic movement have always been the foundations of Aviva's classes. Body, personality types, age, ability, fitness, current or past injuries and illnesses are all taken into account. CLICK TO READ MORE