Performing with Ruido, Image by Andrew Marley

Aviva has also had articles, poems and stories published in journals and anthologies.

Improvising in Barcelona - Aviva Sheb'a - (see table of contents, Reports and Projects, for the link to the report). Aviva's report on her presentation at the International Oral History Association Congress, Barcelona, July 2014, her Amsterdam Oral History talkfest, and beyond.
Performing Oral History PDF file or go to Voiceprint and look under CONTENTS for Reports and Projects, click on 'Why I love performing oral history. Power and Democracy: the many voices of Oral History. XVIII IOHA Conference. 9 - 12 of July. Poder i Democracia: les multiples veus de la Historia Oral. XVIII Congres de la IOHA. Barcelona, 9 - 12 de juliol de 2014
Oral History Australia report on the International Oral History Association, Barcelona 2014.
On Breasts and Brasseries (Part 1) and On Breasts and Brasseries (Part 2)
Dance and Self Image Moving Ahead (Part 1) Pandora Vol. 10 #1, 1994 and Dance and Self Image Moving Ahead (Part 2) Pandora Vol. 10 #1, 1994.- First presented as a paper at the 12th Congress of the International Association of Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women, Hilton Hotel, Melbourne, 1993.
The Most Beautiful Woman Pandora Journal No, 7, 1996